Policies & Guidelines

Goodland Country Club is a clothing optional resort. We believe that the best way to welcome newcomers is to allow them to ease into the nude environment at their own pace. Visitors usually decide quickly if they are comfortable with the lifestyle. After three visits, admittance to the resort will be by membership only.

Although "clothing-optional" is the general club policy, nudity is required while using pools, whirlpool and sauna. Weather permitting, most people at Goodland prefer to be nude, dressing mostly for warmth or skin protection, or as common sense suggests on a situational basis. Appropriate footwear and a towel to sit on, are suggested accessories.

All guests and members must agree to abide by the policies and guidelines of Goodland Country Club. The management reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone at any time.


Visits begin in the Goodland Country Club office (hours 9-6 daily), where choices can be clarified and your questions answered, especially if you need help in deciding which membership type would work best for your situation. Each adult is asked to complete a short application form. We try to keep the check in process as brief as possible. Your membership and personal info will remain private and confidential at all times.

Goodland does not discriminate, refuse or terminate membership on any basis other than specific complaints of anti-social behavior, violations of club agreements or an undisclosed criminal history.

Use your pay-per-visit option up to three times. You'll find yourself enjoying Goodland much more after membership becomes your admission key.

Behavior Guidlines

Goodland Country Club provides a relaxed atmosphere where being comfortably nude appeals to the free spirit within. Our membership embodies individuals from all professions and social strata: families, singles, couples, retirees and toddlers. In order to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone, the following guidelines should always be observed.

  1. TOWELS: For your protection and that of others, please sit on towels while nude.
  2. BODY CONTACT: All body contact is limited to simple expressions of affection and friendship. Provocative conduct or sexual misconduct WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  3. CHILDREN: Members and guests are responsible for their children's behavior at all times. Children under 12 must be accompanied to the pool and spa area by a supervising adult. Untrained children are not allowed in the pool unless wearing swim pants. Children are not permitted in the whirlpool or sauna.
  4. GUESTS: Members who bring guests are responsible for their conduct and any fees or charges left unpaid. ALL GUESTS must be registered before entering the resort.
  5. PETS: Pets are best left at home.
  6. ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES: No illegal substance may be brought onto the premises of Goodland Country Club. Management will report to and cooperate with all authorities if illegal substances are found anywhere on the grounds, including private residences.
  7. DISEASES: Persons with open sores or communicable diseases are not permitted to use the facilities.
  8. POOL AND SPA AREA: GLASS AND/OR FOOD IS NOT PERMITTED IN THE POOL AND SPA AREA. Swim at your own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty. Running, diving, and horseplay are not allowed. Shower each time you enter the pool or spa. Chairs with a name tag are available for rent. Those without a name tag are available to anyone.
  9. SAFETY: Anything that endangers your own or other's safety is prohibited.
  10. SPEED LIMIT: Please observe the posted speed limit.
  11. SANITATION: For the safety and convenience of others ash trays are provided for smokers. Please do not throw cigarettes on the ground. Please respect the next person keep the clubhouse, rest rooms, and showers clean.
  12. PHOTOGRAPHY: In order to preserve everyone's privacy, photos may not be taken at any time without permission of the management.
  13. NOISE: Respect your fellow members and guests please keep noise levels to a minimum. No loud or profane language will be allowed.
  14. BUSINESS: No solicitation is allowed at Goodland without the permission of the management.
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